Oil Paintings

For many of us painting is a passion. Paintings communicate through the use of emotions, Some fill us with joy while other fill us with sorrow. They are a reflection of what we were, what we are and what we can be, they can give us hope for a better tomorrow.

My work is mostly contemporary oil paintings with a thick texture of paint. There is no domination of one colour. The play on light is very important, this can be seen from the reflection off the waves of the sea, the flickering light of a lantern in the darkest of streets, the beauty seen from a sunrise or sunset.



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My artwork

If any pieces catch your attention please do not hesitate to contact me via email. All of my works come with painted borders to make for immediate hanging, however should you prefer we do offer a variety of frames which can also be viewed in the gallery.

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The gallery is divided into periods dating back to 1981 and includes more than 200 pieces.

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“If you can't make the image bigger or more important than what you see, then don't push the button.”

- Ruth Bernhard


The painting bought from Mr. Langowski is one of a kind. He managed to capture a true beauty of young girl's face. His works have a very characteristic style, where the images show their own soul.


The paintigs of Mr Langowski are magical. They bring warmth to our house. The work bought from him has a special place in the centre of the living room. I am very greateful as that was one of the best decisions on decorating my house.